"Tim and Gareth did a great job installing my new toilet and unblocking the drain. They were on-time, friendly and I was very surprised at the price."


Ringwood East

"I had another plumber charge me over $1,000 to unblock the sewer and it blocked again 5 days later. Tim unblocked the drain and used a camera to show me that it was completely clear. And it was 1/4 of the price."


Keilor East

"I am the secretary for 6 apartments and we had a major problem affecting everyone. Kevin used a camera to find a pipe that had been concreted over then unblocked the drain and installed a new cover. Great service."



"I live in a retirement unit and found that my toilet wouldn't flush. I only have one toilet and I didn't think I would be able to find anyone to help on a Sunday evening. Tim arrived within an hour and even had to take the toilet out to fix it. Thank goodness I had his fridge magnet."


Doncaster East

"We've been having problems with our sewer every 6 months or so and it had been costing us a fortune. Matt came out, unblocked the drain and came back the following week to reline it. We haven't had a problem since."



"Our whole house was blocked and Tim wasn't able to fix it so Jon arrived the next day with a digger and replaced the broken section with PVC. I couldn't believe how quick they were."